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Our company focuses on catering with ISO22000 standards and HACCP food safety management with a target market for catering in the world of aviation, hospitals and national and international events. Supported by experts in their fields and experienced, with hygienic kitchen standards and food management certificates.


Become a world-class professional caterer in the world of aviation and known for international events.


Maintaining quality and covering international airline inflight catering, getting international events.

At Prima Aeroboga Sentosa, we believe that people should have the choice to eat better, improving their health and well-being with tasty, authentic meals made from responsibly sourced ingredients.

Our list of services includes Inflight Catering food and beverages, Hospital catering, Sports events, VVIP guest events, Meal box delivery for events, In House Kitchen, Remote area events.

We are committed to developing health and wellness solutions for our clients, guests and employees; advocating balanced meal options and encouraging reduced intake of sugar, salt and saturated fats at our client sites. By promoting good nutrition and physical activity, along with providing healthy eating options, we can work to make the healthy choice the easy choice for our guests.

Our Service

Catering Events with National and International Standards

Our dream in event service is to give a sense of pride for organizing events in terms of food presentation, for that we really prioritize the taste of the food we serve in addition to our friendly and responsive waiters to the needs of invited guests.

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Hospital Catering

What’s interesting about hospital services is how we prepare menus that appeal to the patient’s appetite, on the one hand it is necessary to avoid various ingredients that can have a negative impact on health and instead provide nutrients that are beneficial to support the patient’s health recovery.

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Inflight Catering

For travelers, being comfortable during the trip is very important, and food becomes part of the experience.

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