Hospital Catering

When the patient's appetite is the top priority

What’s interesting about hospital services is how we prepare menus that appeal to the patient’s appetite, on the one hand it is necessary to avoid various ingredients that can have a negative impact on health and instead provide nutrients that are beneficial to support the patient’s health recovery.

In addition, our team of nutritionists need to prepare a special diet menu for patients who have a history of certain diseases but again the diet menu must be made as attractive and enjoyable as possible so that it can still increase the patient’s appetite. We are able to serve up to tens of thousands of menus per day and at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, we produce up to 30,000 servings per day for patients and health workers at Wisma Atlet.

We believe that fresh, nutritious and delicious food will help in the patient’s healing journey. Our innovative concept of catering services for hospitals offers not only balanced nutrition, but is also designed to suit various systems and budgets.

We understand that every hospital has different needs, and we are ready to be the solution to your needs. With quality standards and a menu specifically designed for Hospital catering, we believe that we have the resources needed to provide catering services for small to large hospitals.

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