Inflight Catering

The taste of food that becomes a traveler's experience

For travelers, being comfortable during the trip is very important, and food becomes part of the experience.

Passionate about enabling people to eat well no matter where they are, we make sure that every meal is tasty and nutritious, made with fresh and responsibly sourced ingredients. To be able to provide quality food, we have a research team and nutritionists who will design menus by considering the taste and shelf life of food so that the fresh taste of food can still be enjoyed by consumers.

With a varied menu of dishes for various travelers from various countries, we have prepared an experienced production team. To meet passenger demand for tasty and nourishing meals during their flights, we offer a wide selection of buy-on-board meal offerings that are produced and prepared in accordance with strict food safety guidelines and regulations.

Our highly-experienced chefs have served in hotels, restaurants, product manufacturers, and other food and hospitality industries, including flight catering.  We recruit the best, talent and invest in their ongoing development, through training and mentoring, and by providing opportunities to work across our global network.  Our executive chefs inspire the next generation of leaders in our business, whilst ensuring we deliver product across every class that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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