Catering Events with National and International Standards

Gives a sense of pride for event organizers in terms of food presentation

Our dream in event service is to give a sense of pride for organizing events in terms of food presentation, for that we really prioritize the taste of the food we serve in addition to our friendly and responsive waiters to the needs of invited guests.

In addition to the taste of the cuisine and professional waiters, one of the advantages of our team is being able to handle large-scale dining services in the amount of thousands to tens of thousands per day for a certain event. And the events we serve are national and international.

To be able to meet the needs of local and international invited guests, we have prepared a team of chefs with experience working in restaurants in various countries such as in Europe, Japan and Korea, so that we are able to serve food with authentic flavors from the country of origin and also a team of chefs who have experience working in Indonesia. various five-star hotels in the archipelago so as to be able to serve delicious Indonesian food.

Most of the events we cater, build upon a basic menu. We welcome the opportunity to customize selections to suit our clients’ dietary, taste and budgetary needs. Although we have some set packages, we often offer suggestions and guidance on menu selections. Sometimes, we even help people play on a theme or special idea. In this way, each event we cater is unique. We take pride in our ability to tailor all of our food offerings to your needs. We provide you with unparalleled flexibility to make the food for your event uniquely special.

We know how to deliver a special dining experience. The Events Catering Company professional approach, using a team of multi-talented professionals, enables us to invent and orchestrate an event your guests will rave about for years to come. We can be your one-stop shop for your event needs, providing as little or as much assistance as you need with set-up and take-down. With Events Catering Company, your worrying about the big day is eliminated.

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